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About David

At about 10 years old, David had a moment of spontaneous transcendental meditation and feeling energy. Since then, he has met and worked with a variety of beings from many different spiritual paths. Energy work is his art, and this often comes through in the form of light, color, mantras, and invocation in service of expansion. This is all done within a space of love and compassion.


David has received training in, self-studied, and spontaneously learned many different ways of working through blocks, creating more connection, and becoming more of our true selves. David has been leading workshops and seeing clients one-on-one for years. This now continues through online one-on-one sessions, workshops, and the Youtube videos he feels called to create.


Authentic/Compassionate Communication

David will help you to tap into the feelings and needs underlying what’s going on in your life right now, using a method called circling.  Circling involves exploring what’s arising with the present moment in a welcoming, non-judgemental, non-assuming way.  This often helps get to the root of an issue just by exploring what’s arising in the now.

Sacred Sexuality

Our culture has often instilled in us a sense of shame or guilt around sexuality.  David feels very passionately about turning this belief on its head by working with our sexuality as a path to greater connection with the universe, higher states of consciousness, ourselves, and our beloved partner.  David will teach you the five core components of sacred sexuality (tantra) and how to use them to connect with the divine in you.  You get to practice with yourself or your partner.

Inner Child Work

David used inner child work to heal our triggers.  He defines trigger as an emotional reaction that “seems” disproportionate to the situation.  In other words, events and situations that touch a wound in us because we have unprocessed emotions.  Inner child work helps us to find the original memory associated with the trigger, go in, release the emotions associated with it, validate our child self, and transmute (shift) the situation with a lot of energy work.  Part of what happens with these wounds is that when they are unresolved with often attract a similar situation that makes us feel the same way as the original memory did, even if we have no idea what that memory was.  A vibration sticks with us up through the present causing us to attract those similar situations.  Through this inner child work, we cleanse and purify the vibration, so we are no longer a match to those situations.  Likewise, by doing this work, we provide ourselves with more choice as to how we respond in these triggering situations.  More space to choose exists within us.


One of the most powerful ways to heal trauma and raise our energy, in a very short period of time.  With regard to trauma, breathwork bypasses the subconscious mind.  It floods the body with new energy, which can bring up our stored trauma, and allow us to release it.  Many times we won’t even know what we’re releasing, but that is part of the beauty of this work.  Likewise, by bringing in so much new energy and casting out so much old energy, we raise our vibration in a huge way.  We often experience a major shift in consciousness.

Energy Healing

David works with a whole variety of energy healing methods, based on what best serves the client’s needs.  His passion is the 22 Rays of God which is 22 different kinds of Divine energy, channeled through different higher beings, each with its own divine characteristics and color.  He also does channelled clearings, energy balancing, activations, attunements, and loads of other kinds of work as well.