Breathwork For Bliss

This breathwork meditation can be done by yourself or with a group.
It raises the kundalini from the base of the spine up through the crown. It can also help release trauma and help you feel better.

The Sanskrit word for breath is prana. Prana also translates to life force and energy. When we breathe, we inhale new energy and exhale old energy. When we breathe in an altered way, we exacerbate that process, increasing the amount of energy we are bringing in or casting out. This energy goes to areas of the body where we have stored emotional trauma and helps us to release it.

If you feel sensations come up in your body while you do this, allow the sensations to happen. If you feel pain come up, don’t resist it. Instead breathe into it and through it. Any pain you experience is trauma coming up to be released.

If you are pregnant, are prone to seizures, have heart problems, or any other medical condition that may be negatively impacted by rapid breathing; it’s advised that you not do this breathwork.