About me

Hi, I’m David!

David Redbord, MPH brings a unique combination of knowledge; metaphysical and practical, as well as a deep passion for healing, experiential learning, and teaching. He assists people in identifying and working through the blocks that keep them from embodying their true selves, however those blocks show up. David works with a wide variety of beings and energies, and his current interest is in Self-Inquiry; focusing on the I AM presence that is pure awareness and brings ever so much spaciousness. David is also exploring the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and their dance together.

I really enjoy working with people, meeting them where they are, and helping them to shed layers to arrive more and more at their true selves.  I’ve been doing this work with myself and clients for several years now, in one on one sessions, over Skype, in workshops, and at festivals.  I help people feel seen as themselves, heard in their deepest desires, and empower themselves to move toward those desires.  These are some of the qualities I bring to my work:

  • Specific tools and techniques for grounding, clearing, opening, tuning in.
  • Oodles of resources for more depth and transformation outside of sessions.
  • Empathic listening and intuive insight to get to the root of issues.
  • Passion for helping people clear their blocks for a more joyful, empowered life.