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About me

David Redbord, MPH brings a unique combination of knowledge; metaphysical and practical, as well as a deep passion for healing, experiential learning, and teaching.

He assists people in identifying and working through the blocks that keep them from embodying their true selves, however those blocks show up.

David works with a wide variety of beings and energies, and his current interest is in Self-Inquiry; focusing on the I AM presence that is pure awareness and brings ever so much spaciousness.

David is also exploring the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and their dance together.

Giving a Talk
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9Years Experience
344Workshop Participants

Why Choose Healing?

Discover Your Joy

Identify what fires you up with passion and drive and live from there.

Empower Yourself

Find the innate power within, and gain the tools needed live from there.

Tune into Your Inner Wisdom

Balance the mind and heart and listen to the wisdom within.

Love Yourself More

Remove all of the barriers you have made that keep love out.

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